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MGR Gaming 2.0


Upgrading is always fun!

In the recent weeks and months; MGR Gaming has moved over to a new website. With this new website comes a few changes and improvements.

For starters, our review section has been expanded; We have added Hardware Reviews to our coverage. News is another new edition to MGR Gaming; with it comes the latest news and headlines where gaming and technology is concerned.

Furthermore, you will see that we have also added Entertainment to our news section; this section itself is rather self-explanatory; but we will focus on categories that are close to home in terms of gaming and technology; We do plan to expand a bit further outwards, to bring in some other relevant content; Anime for example!

Free Loot, a section most of you will want to pay close attention to; whenever a developer, platform or other source graces us with freebies; you can be sure that we will inform you of said free loot.

There is a lot more to come; we have a rather detailed roadmap planned for MGR Gaming; these add ons and features will roll out in time.

You can find us on:

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Welcome to MGR Gaming.