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MGR Gaming’s Discord update 1.0.1


We’re always busy tinkering…

As we said in our previous article we have begun revamping our discord to offer you a better experience. Now the revamp is still underway and we are testing out a lot of new things, such as new features and additional bots to enhance your experience. What our discord has always had was MEE6, the premium version, and as someone who has been working with the premium version for years now. I have to admit that the developers behind MEE6 really do not sleep and they keep pushing out more and more features.

For content creators, we offer a dedicated category where they can chat and discuss ideas with fellow creators or their viewers. For being a member of the server, you are also welcome to share your streaming or video publishing links with us and we will add them to the bot notifications, where it will alert the server when you go live or publish a new video.

So far the server supports alerts for TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, and Kick. Facebook alerts are also a possibility if the feature has been updated. We have yet to test it out again. However, if you make use of Facebook for your video platform you are welcome to send us your link and we can give it a trial run.

Levels; for every message you send in the server you are rewarded with XP and once you reach enough XP, you level up. This is part of a future project that will give you access to unique roles and channels alongside a feature that will be coming to the website.

Achievements, one of the newer additions to the server. Certain activities will reward you with achievements, for example sending 100 messages or reacting to 10 posts. There are a whole bunch of achievements available in the server atm. More will follow. These achievements reward you with XP and Reaper coins. The XP you are rewarded counts towards the leveling system which will offer very rewarding amounts of XP. The second reward you get for obtaining achievements is the Reaper coins, these are for a new feature that is being added to the server. An economy-based game where you will be able to earn coins and spend coins in the server.

We have an entire section dedicated to images and screenshots, allowing you to share your favourite pictures with your fellow members. This includes a dedicated section within the category for not-so-safe-for-work images. For those who enjoy their daily dose of memes, we have a spot for you as well and we will be bringing you a bot to help with your daily meme fix.

Set your birthday and the bot will congratulate you every year and give you a birthday role for the day.

Those that’s been following our Facebook socials should know that we have an entire group dedicated to where we randomly give away game keys. More commonly called drop keys, where we randomly drop a key code for a random Steam game. Our server has a dedicated section where it drops its own batch of Steam keys.

Giveaways, the server hosts its own personal giveaways and shares other MGR Gaming-related giveaways.

Another new bot that recently joined the server is Karuto, something for anime lovers. It will drop a batch of anime cards randomly every day that you can lay claim to. There are thousands of cards for you to collect, trade and sell.

AI bots are another feature we are experimenting with. What it does is bring a specific AI to the server for you to engage and interact with. Our current Trial run was with Batman who took he’s role in protecting people very seriously. There are options like Deadpool, Goku, and tons more. However, this feature can only really be enjoyed and utilized with a paid monthly membership. The free version is very limited and only allows 20 responses in total a month from the AI characters.

We have a music bot, but with YouTube changing rules on external applications accessing YouTube content, things have changed. We are still working in finding a better solution to a proper Music bot.

Music Quiz is another feature we have that allows you to test your music knowledge.

Custom Game Rooms is a feature that’s always available. We create and archive custom game rooms as requested by you. These game rooms are dedicated categories for specific games. Each category contains its own discussion channels for the game. Channels to share guides and other related content along with dedicated voice rooms. These are created as required and requested by users.

Retailers is a dedicated section where we allow small business owners to share their products as a means of free advertising. It’s free of charge.

Last but not least. Our newest addition to the server is a trial run to see if it will work.

Server subscriptions. We did not make this decision lightly, everything else already costs a lot of money, but unfortunately, the costs of maintaining all these bots and upgrades do end up costing quite a bit. So far we only added one subscription which acts as a supporter package with the lowest possible cost of $3. That’s the cheapest we can make it. The package does offer you a CP boost, and a unique role to show off that you’re a supporter of the server. The funding we do make here goes back into keeping all the bots alive and well.

As originally stated we are working on other features as well and we will be implementing them as we finish and finalise current features we are currently working on.

Thank you for your continued support.