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MGR Gaming’s Officially Official!


For those of you that have been with us since before things were official or structured. You will have a good idea of how things have evolved and changed into what we have now.
Regarding reviews, we will actively upload our entire collection of older titles to the site. This will cater to both nostalgia-seekers and newer gamers in search of quality games.

Numerous games have aged exceptionally well and continue to offer a great deal of enjoyment. Being in the digital age grants us the ability to access nearly any older title.

We have a few other social platforms where we have a presence and share content. Such as our Steam Group and Steam Curator. At this stage we focus largely on Game and Hardware reviews. We do have much more planned but all of our other plans will come forth when the time for DLC’s are right.

MGR Gaming has gone official now; with a clear goal and mission in hand. We have our very own website that can be found here. It is and will always be a work in progress, where we will strive to bring you quality and real time news.

As for reviews, we will upload our complete collection of older titles to the site. This will cater to those who yearn to relive the past as well as newer gamers in search of enjoyable games.

Many games have gracefully stood the test of time and continue to provide abundant entertainment. Furthermore, with the advantage of the digital age, we have access to nearly any older title.

We do not just focus on AAA titles but Indie titles as well. Indie titles have slowly increased their role in what games we play, and let us face it, some of them are just that good.

They have shed light on intriguing genres that we only briefly explored when games incorporating those mechanics were released. Now there are numerous Indie games for a lot of these genres to ensure we get our fill. To name two of these genres would be Survival and Tower Defensethese are genres that have boomed in popularity for certain gamer types and there are more than enough Indie games out there to give you your fill.

You can be sure that we will go out of our way to bring you news, reviews, and updated information about everything and anything gaming related.

At this stage the MGR Gaming team is very small and everyone is still levelling up their roles to better serve you, the community. Stick with us and see the new heights we will bring right to your screens.

When you visit the website, you will notice that it is still in its early stages and has limited content. However, rest assured that we are actively working on and planning various enhancements for the near future. We will provide you with a detailed roadmap. Allowing you to see the exciting additions we have in store for you.

We can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Steam. Every post that we publish will makes its way to Twitter and our Facebook page as well. That way you never have to worry about missing content.

Welcome to MGR Gaming, we do hope you will enjoy your stay.