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Microsoft Considers Launching Xbox Exclusives, Including Starfield And Indiana Jones, On PS5

Microsoft Considers Launching Xbox Exclusives, Including Starfield And Indiana Jones, On PS5

Recent reports suggest a potential shift in Microsoft’s strategy, with Xbox exclusives like Starfield and Indiana Jones rumored to be released on PS5 platforms

In a surprising turn of events, reports have surfaced indicating that Microsoft is internally considering the launch of several Xbox exclusives on PlayStation platforms. Among the titles mentioned are Starfield Indiana Jones and The Great Circle, both of which have been associated with Xbox Series X/S platforms.

The Verge reported that Microsoft is exploring the possibility of bringing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to PS5 consoles shortly after its release on Xbox Series X/S later this year. Meanwhile, Xbox Era has shared information suggesting that Starfield could make its way to PS5 in the future, possibly following the launch of its first major expansion, Shattered Space.

Hi Fi Rush

It’s essential to highlight that these reports come amidst persistent rumors surrounding Hi-Fi Rush, an action-adventure game developed by Tango Gameworks. Speculation has suggested that Hi-Fi Rush might extend its availability to Nintendo Switch and PS5, and The Verge has acknowledged these rumors, adding weight to the possibility of the game becoming accessible on multiple platforms.

Additionally, a Reddit post has added to the intrigue, with VGC reporter Andy Robinson hinting at Microsoft’s plans to release more Xbox exclusives on new platform launches. Unfortunately, the specifics of these games remain undisclosed, leaving room for speculation within the gaming community.

As of now, neither Microsoft, Xbox, nor the developers associated with these titles, such as Bethesda Game Studios and MachineGames, have officially commented on these reports or the potential shift in their game launch strategy. The gaming community eagerly awaits further clarification and official statements from the involved parties.