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New Additions


Let’s face it! Upgrades are always welcome.

We have been hard at work, bringing the new website up to speed and adding more features and content. For the last few weeks, we have been working on some big improvements and add-ons for the website in hopes that these new additions will make the site more efficient.

There is quite a bit we have planned and quite a few of these that are being worked on to get implemented within the next few weeks.

To share a little of what we have been up to:

User Profiles/ Memberships: You will be able to sign up and register an account with us. This account will house a profile system where you can showcase all you are and all you have achieved in the realms of gaming. This account will give you access to everything on the MGR Gaming website; present features, and features to come. We hope to incorporate a few new additions to the membership feature in the future.

Online Shop: This one is self-explanatory; it will house some digital items. It will also sell local creations and gaming related merchandise and hardware.

Streamer/ Video Content Creators: We will dedicate space to Video Content Creators that will allow them to share their created works and you the public will have full access to view and enjoy what your fellow gamers have created.

Mobile/ Tablet: As it stands is best viewed from a computer, however we are working on bringing it to your mobile screens.

These are the three largest expansions that we are working on, with them numerous QOL features have been implemented with others being tested and added as they are ready.

Insider Note: User Profiles/ Memberships will be live within the next day or so, be sure to keep an eye out for the announcement!

Edit: We are a few years down the line now and here’s a small update on our progress.