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New Cushion To Relieve The Strain Of Mobile Gaming


As we are all aware the Japanese are always in the pursuit for new inventions, some crazy and some actually practical. Well this cushion is a bit of both. It’s called the Turn A Cushion as it is shaped like an A.

You can see where the appeal would be. Its ergonomically designed to fit your waist and rest your arms, so your elbows don’t slide off the cushion while in a vigorous boss fight or furiously sending a strongly worded email.

Looks comfy doesn’t it? As you can see it has pockets on the side for your snacks or cables/chargers etc. The front pocket is to house an articulated arm for holding your smart phone and sturdy feet to provide even more support and stability.

This nifty invention could also be used for travelling long distances as is seen in the picture below.

New Cushion To Relieve The Strain Of Mobile Gaming 2

It sounds amazing doesn’t it and yes, we all want one, only issue is the price tag unfortunately it costs ¥5,980 or R 921,50. That excludes shipping of course so if you are in the market for a gift for that special someone who is always glued to their screen and don’t want them to suffer the agony of pains and strains you can consider visiting their site here.

Be warned though it is in Japanese if you don’t speak the language.

New Cushion To Relieve The Strain Of Mobile Gaming

We at MGR Gaming love these types of gadgets so stick around to see more posts like this on the latest tech to make gamers lives easier.