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Ninja Has Been Spotted On Twitch Again


Ninja has been sighted streaming on Twitch again, but does this mean he is back for good?

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been a hot topic of late ever since his switch from Twitch to Mixer, and now since Mixer’s demise earlier this year he has been spotted on different platforms seemingly testing the waters.

He was seen live streaming on Twitch again with DR. Lupo under the watchful eyes of 96,000 viewers and climbing.

We recently shared the news that Ninja was seen streaming on YouTube and was testing this out to see if it would be his new permanent home.

It seems that he isn’t done shopping around after his departure from Mixer and his exclusive deal with them to the tune of millions of Dollars.

Another rumour currently making the rounds is that Ninja is setting his sights on becoming a movie star. In a report in the Hollywood Reporter, it said “Blevins, who doesn’t have a talent agent, is reading scripts and shopping original ideas that he could produce or star in.”

He reportedly had a small role in the latest Jumanji film that was ultimately cut. He can also be spotted in Ryan Reynold’s new film Free Guy. He also told Hollywood Reporter that he’s looking at “literally anything and everything in Hollywood,” including movies, cartoons and voice acting. Someone told him he was a “natural” when he filmed his cameo in Free Guy, so they’re probably to blame.

Ninja Has Been Spotted On Twitch Again

Twitch itself wasn’t very happy with Ninja’s departure from the platform, which is to be expected.

His URL redirected viewers to a Fortnite landing page the read “The Ninja you’re looking for is in another castle.” This apparently backfired horribly as people soon started seeing porn live streams popping up on Ninja’s old URL. This issue was cleaned up and Blevins was unhappy that this issue was allowed to occur in the first place.

Twitch seemed happy to see Ninja back in action on the platform and expressed as much.

Time will tell where Tyler “Ninja “Blevins decides to park his bandana, will it be Hollywood, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or one of the many other streaming services. Don’t fret though as we will keep you informed.