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Palworld Records Significant Drop In Concurrent Players On Steam In Two-Week Period

Palworld's Enduring Success Over 100,000 Concurrent Players Two Months After Launch

Palworld experiences a substantial decline in concurrent players on Steam, marking one of the largest drops within a two-week timeframe on the platform

Since its launch on Steam, Palworld has witnessed a notable decrease in concurrent players, marking one of the most significant drops in recent memory on the Valve platform. While the game continues to maintain a sizable player base, the decline in peak concurrent players suggests that Pocketpair’s take on the survival game genre may be settling into a more stable rhythm.

Following its explosive debut, which saw 12 million players on Steam and seven million on Game Pass, Palworld quickly rose to the top of the Steam top sellers chart and reached a peak of two million concurrent players. However, in the span of just two weeks, the concurrent player count has decreased by over 1.3 million, with the peak dropping from 2,101,867 on January 27 to 520,643 on today February 12, according to data from SteamDB.

Palworld stats accordinhg to Steam DB.

While the rapid decline in player numbers may have been anticipated given Palworld’s initial success, the magnitude of the drop within such a short timeframe is noteworthy. Despite this decline, the game continues to maintain an average of over 700,000 players at any given time on Steam alone, indicating a strong ongoing interest among players.

Comparisons are drawn to other massively popular games on Steam, such as PUBG, which also experienced a decline in player numbers over time but at a slower rate. While PUBG took around four months to lose 1.3 million active players, Palworld achieved this in just two weeks. This difference underscores the significance of the drop-off relative to its competition.

Palworld character fighting Anubis.

It’s important to note that these observations are specific to the Steam platform, as Palworld is also available on Xbox and through a Game Pass subscription. However, Steam provides the most comprehensive data regarding player counts

Looking ahead, Pocketpair has announced plans for future updates and an early access roadmap for Palworld. The game’s continued success will depend on ongoing support from the developers and their responsiveness to player feedback.