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Palworld Surpasses CS GO’s Peak Concurrent Player Record, Claims No. 2 Spot Of All Time

Palworld's Enduring Success Over 100,000 Concurrent Players Two Months After Launch

Palworld Emerges as a Gaming Powerhouse: Surpasses CS: GO’s Peak Concurrent Players Record and Sells Over 6 Million copies

Palworld, the “Pokemon with guns” phenomenon, has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing the all-time peak concurrent player record of CS: GO. Since its release on January 19, Palworld has reached an impressive 1.83 million peak concurrent players, securing the No. 2 position on the all-time list for peak concurrent players on Steam.

While Palworld’s success is noteworthy, it still trails behind the No. 1 game, PUBG, which set an astonishing record of 3.2 million peak concurrent players on Steam in January 2018. Remarkably, Palworld’s achievement places it as the second-highest for peak concurrent players for both free and paid games on Steam.

Palworld flying "Pals".

Palworld’s popularity extends beyond its player count, with over 6 million copies sold across PC and Xbox platforms. Available on Xbox Game Pass, the game has garnered a substantial audience, and the potential for further growth remains if it expands to PlayStation 5, although this prospect remains uncertain.

Despite its achievements, Palworld faced challenges upon release, typical for an Early Access/Game Preview title. The development team at Pocketpair is actively addressing issues, prioritizing a smoother gaming experience for players.

Controversy has surrounded Palworld, with allegations of plagiarism directed at Pocketpair. The company’s CEO revealed that employees have received death threats amid these accusations. However, as of now, there is no conclusive evidence supporting claims of plagiarism.