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Palworld Unleashed Dark Pokémon-Like Adventure Emerges On Steam, Game Pass, And Beyond


Early Access Imminent – A Countdown to Palworld’s Dark and Distinctive Universe

The much-anticipated Palworld Early Access is merely 24 hours away, and the countdown has officially begun. If you’re eager to know when this dark Pokémon-like experience will hit your time zone, read on.

Ever since its initial reveal, Palworld has captivated attention for being essentially Pokémon armed with guns. Not akin to Digimon’s occasional incorporation of weaponry into creature designs, Palworld takes it a step further, depicting pocket pals facing gunfire from AK-47s. It’s a harrowing scene, yet the morbid curiosity it evokes reigns supreme.

“In this game, you can peacefully live alongside mysterious creatures known as Pals or risk your life to drive off a ruthless poaching syndicate,” as the developer states on Steam. “Pals can be used to fight, or they can be made to work on farms or factories. You can even sell them or eat them!”

Taken from Palworld’s Steam Page.

Beyond its dark surface, Palworld offers a legally distinct survival game where you navigate elements, explore dungeons, and construct anything from cozy farms to industrious setups fueled by Pal labor. As a Pokémon-like experience, it also incorporates creature catching and breeding.


If this unique blend piques your interest, the wait is almost over. Here’s when Palworld unlocks in your time zone.

Palworld Countdown:

10 AM tomorrow (GMT+2)

The nifty Palworld countdown timer signals that the Pokémon-like survival game will enter Early Access on Steam shortly. Anticipate more developments, as developer Pocketpair plans to unveil a roadmap post-launch, outlining the exciting prospects for the upcoming year. The specifics remain a mystery, but one thing is certain – more Pals are on the horizon.

Palworld Release Time:

Scheduled for 12 am PST / 3 am EST / 8 am GMT on January 19, Palworld’s Early Access release is on the horizon. Additionally, the survival game is making its way to Game Pass for Xbox and PC, providing a cost-free avenue for subscribers to delve into the dark adventure.

While the full launch date remains undisclosed, the developer’s promise of a content roadmap for the year ahead suggests a steady stream of updates and enhancements, ensuring that the Palworld universe evolves over time. Stay tuned for more details on this distinct Pokémon-inspired journey.