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Parents Of Kid Gamers Is So Much More Than Just A Facebook Group


Parents Of Kid Gamers Is not just a Facebook group it’s a whole community of parents and kids who love gaming.

Facebook and social media as a whole has brought many like-minded people together over the years, and with Facebook groups increasing in number, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Enter Parents of Kid Gamers, A Facebook group with the aim of bringing parents and kids who love gaming together in a safe and fun environment. A space where parents can find out all they need to know about the games their children are playing from like-minded folks.

We recently contacted Cara Westermann who is the founder and Admin on the group to find out more.

Parents Of Kid Gamers Is So Much More Than Just A Facebook Group

Here is the full interview below:

How was the group started?

Well, it started when my daughter had a YouTube channel and we noticed that many kids were loving her videos and wanted to play online with her. As a mother of 3 homeschooled kids who are avid gamers, they were looking for friends to play online games with but I wasn’t comfortable letting my children play online with kids whose parents I don’t know or on random servers which an adult could be playing on. So, I had an idea, I could create a Facebook group for parents that were also in my situation who would feel more safe knowing parents of the kids that their child is playing with. This was also a way to connect kids with other kids of their age to make friends.

When was the group started?

The group was created on the 9th of August 2019.

What is the aim of the group?

To share ideas, recommend games, tips, for parents to find similar aged kids as theirs to make friends within the gaming scene. We also have the opportunity to host private internal gaming servers for the kids to play on. We encourage the parents to support their kids in the future of their gaming life because gaming is very big nowadays which cannot be ignored and should rather be accepted.

Where do you see the group in five years?

I see the group as an awesome community for parents and kids alike. We aim to have quite a few private servers for kid-friendly games. A full-time sponsor for the group that would sponsor events, competitions as well as promote the group. We would also like to have a few leagues with monthly competitions for most of the major online games. We would also like to grow the variety of competitions that are more suited for younger kids.

What role do you hope to play in the Gaming Community as a whole?

To get the younger generation excited for gaming especially online with friends. We also want parents to understand what gaming is about and why it is so important to their children and to also generate interest of gaming among the parents.

Is there any backstory or any other information you wish the public to be aware of?

We are partnered with Mettlestate who host the Fortnite Minor League, this is a monthly Fortnite competition in which participants can win prizes. We have held two highly successful events so far. The group is currently hosting its own Minecraft design competition right now. We also managed to secure sponsors to give the prizes for all the competitions we have held.

Parents Of Kid Gamers Is So Much More Than Just A Facebook Group

So there you have it, a Facebook group with a clear goal in mind. To host a safe space for kids to enjoy all the fun that gaming has to offer, to make new friends, and above all to stay safe in this dangerous online climate. If you have kids and would like to join this innovative new group, you can hop on over to their official group and join in the fun. Remember it is a Private Group so you will have to request membership via a few questions for verification.

Link to the Parents Of Kid Gamers Facebook group page: