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Payday 3 To Introduce Solo Mode And More in Operation Medic Bag Patch Series

Payday 3 To Introduce Solo Mode And More in Operation Medic Bag Patch Series

Starbreeze Plans Series of Updates to Rehabilitate Troubled Game

Starbreeze, the developer behind Payday 3, has launched the first patch in a series titled Operation Medic Bag, aimed at revitalizing the game. The initial patch, released today, brings a slew of fixes and features, including an unready button, DirectX12 support, a new hardcore cook-off challenge, and more.

In a blog post, Starbreeze outlined its plans for future updates as part of the Operation Medic Bag initiative. Among the forthcoming changes are a solo mode, progression adjustments, a UI overhaul, and additional new content.

Payday 3 Solo mode.

One of the most anticipated additions is the solo mode, allowing players to undertake heists without the need to connect to servers. However, to implement this feature, Starbreeze must first make two significant changes. The first involves maintaining an online connection to ensure progression tracking, while the second aims to optimize solo play for offline mode, enabling players to enjoy the game without an internet connection.

Starbreeze promises more frequent updates as Operation Medic Bag progresses, with a commitment to refining Payday 3 based on community feedback. The studio acknowledges the game’s recent struggles, including lower-than-expected sales and player counts.

The team remains dedicated to addressing these challenges and improving the overall Payday 3 experience. Players can expect ongoing support and enhancements as Starbreeze works to rehabilitate the game and deliver on its vision for the franchise.