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Project Cars 3 Arriving On PS4, PC and Xbox One This Year


Bandai Namco has announced that Project Cars 3 is arriving this year, which is the latest in the racing franchise and will arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

One of the biggest new features of this successful series is the brand-new career mode, which has been specifically designed to cater for all player types from long-term players to noobs.

The career mode will be your ultimate tour through the most thrilling cars that will be featured in this new installment.

Besides this new career mode, there will also be systematic updates and content additions that will help to keep the experience fresh.

These post-launch content updates, including car customization, allowing players to choose from a bunch of customization presets or the ability to make their very own cars.  Project Cars 3 will also be reintroducing community events where you can compete in daily, weekly, and even monthly challenges for extra bonuses and further progression.

Project Cars 3 Arriving On PS4, PC and Xbox One This Year

That is not all though, in addition to all of this, we will be able to race around and explore two brand new tracks. These new tracks will include the neon-bright streets of Shanghai China and the beautiful Interlagos track in Sao Paulo.

Apparently, Project Cars 3 will have tweaked gameplay to offer us a way more realistic experience and graphical accuracy, including post-processing effects, collision effects, motion blur, camera shakes, and also a new gamepad map that will make this experience a lot more intense.

This is shaping up to be an accurate and intense racing sim if ever we saw one and from all the hype surrounding the launch, we are sure that this will be a worth while buy for those of you who are impassioned racing game fans.

Update: Apparently the release ended up being a not-so-great. There has, however, been some updates done during 2021 to add some content and fix a few minor issues. Let’s hope that update 1.12 ups the reviews.