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PS4 Is Making PlayStation Plus Free For A Very Limited Time


This offer is for a very limited time, so you had better not blink and grab it before it disappears.

Besides announcing August’s free PlayStation Plus games, Sony has made the astonishing announcement that they will be making PlayStation Plus free for all PS4 users next month.

Basically, Sony is removing the barrier of PlayStation Plus to play multiplayer games, what this means is that essentially every PS4 user will receive a subscription, but only for a two-day period.

This news comes via the PlayStation Blog which mentions that the offer will only be available from Saturday the 8th of August until Sunday the 9th of August.

Even though all PS4 users will essentially have a PlayStation Plus subscription for these two days, the non-subscribers won’t be able to get August’s free games, unfortunately.

As most multiplayer games on PS4 requires PlayStation Plus, you will finally be able to play them for this limited time.

Sony has does this before but it’s a very rare occurrence for them to entirely tear down their paywall for PlayStation Plus. So set your alarm for this opportunity.

Although there are those that are hoping this offer is a sign of much bigger things to come, the evidence is not overwhelming at this stage.

There are those rumours floating around that Xbox Gold will be made Free or merged with another service, but no such rumours exist for PlayStation Plus yet. It is likely just an offer to sweeten the deal with PS4 users.