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PS5’S Demon’s Souls Trophy Videos Record Audio Too


One unsuspecting Demon Soul’s player discovered that the game’s trophy videos record your audio too.

The “Soul’s” franchise contains notoriously difficult games, which adds to the appeal for a lot of players. As such when you do manage to defeat that hard to kill boss it can be immensely satisfying.

When you earn a trophy the PS5 records a video of your conquest and one player discovered that the video will include audio too.

The player who goes by “helloiamjack” on Reddit made the shocking discovery as he had just defeated the Tower Knight.

The player posted the video on Reddit for our viewing pleasure.

“helloiamjack,” said: “I was getting so frustrated haha.

“The last attempt I actually realized how much easier it was if I just charged basically through his legs rather than trying to run a wide berth around him and then get behind. So much satisfaction when finished though!”

The DualSense’s microphone is on by default, but you can mute it in the PS5’s settings. The microphone is pretty good quality so it will pick up a lot of background sounds. Included in these sounds are the little squeals or jubilant screams of a triumphant Demon Souls player, so if you don’t want to be heard you should probably switch it off before you get started.

After helloiamjack’s post went viral there were numerous players checking their trophies in case they had made the same jubilant scream.

Another player posted about his experience with the sneaky mic.

Demon’s Souls is one of the most anticipated games of the PS5’s launch and therefore it comes as no surprise that it had earned a 9/10 in GameSpot’s review.

The remake of this PS3 game features new weapons, armor, and rings, and new items called “Grains” which give players a temporary resistance to effects like poison, fire, and bleeding.

In the original game “healing grasses” have no weight therefore it was able to carry many of them. This time around they have added weight to these grasses, limiting the amount that can be carried.

More potent grasses also weigh more than less effective ones which changes the gameplay somewhat. Another new feature called “Fractured World”, is a mirror mode which reverses the layout of environments. The game also includes a photo mode, whereupon using it the game will pause, something not possible in the original.

Filters from the photo mode can also be used during gameplay, including a “classic mode” filter intended to evoke the look of the original PlayStation 3 game. Although the Souls series is notorious for its difficulty, Bluepoint stated that the remake would not introduce different difficulty levels.

The character creation feature has also been updated, with more options for customization.

So long story short if you don’t wish to be heard shouting for glee or screaming like a banshee whilst celebrating your well-earned victory, then you should probably turn the mic off.