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PUBG’s New 9.1 Patch: Shifting Maps And Live Volcanoes


PUBG is already a challenging FPS; but now get ready for a VERY interesting “tweak”

The 9.1 patch has introduced the new “Paramo Map” on the PC test servers; a smaller battleground with a volcano that has flowing lava which deals damage to players and vehicles. So technically, in places, the floor really is lava!

The map features the shifting of terrain after each match. Landmarks switch location and weather conditions change, as well as no Red Zones. In place of Red Zones, the Blue Zones will shrink more slowly and deal greater damage. Paramo will be able to host up to 64 players but you’ll only be able to engage in third-person squads.

Another change is that instead of arriving in a cargo plane, you’ll be dropped off by a helicopter. This helicopter will also be airdropping care packages containing unique items that are exclusive to this map, such as a “critical response kit” which allows the lightning speed revival of a teammate.

The patch kicks off the 9th season of PUBG and will introduce “G-Coin”, a currency that will work similar to the Call of Duty Points. Stocking up on G-Coins will allow players to purchase items from the in-game store.

The update also brings a couple of tweaks to the Beryl M762 assault rifle and the SLR DMR such as reduced damage for the SLR and Beryl, as well as horizontal and vertical recoil increase on the first shot with the Beryl.

The 9.1 update can be expected on live server from next week Wednesday for PC.

PUBG’s New 9.1 Patch: Shifting Maps