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Rainbow Six Quarantine Renamed Extraction


Rainbow Six Quarantine has been renamed Extraction and complete details will be revealed at the Ubisoft Forward event this weekend.

The upcoming Rainbow Six game is highly anticipated and was originally dubbed Rainbow Six: Quarantine which became an issue when the Pandemic broke out and as such a new name had to be thought of. Originally we all thought the new name would be “Parasite” but that name has since been debunked.

The new title which will be known as “Rainbow Six: Extraction” was officially announced via a video:

In the video creative director, Patrick Methé says “You’ll be facing an always evolving alien threat. You’ll have plenty of different challenges to overcome but will always have one goal in mind: Making sure no one gets left behind. It will be up to your and your squad to decide when to push forward, or when to extract. As you will soon discover, Extraction is truly the name of the game.”

The Ubisoft Forward event which will go live on the 12th of June at 8 pm UK time which is 9 pm our time, will have the full reveal of Rainbow Six: Extraction. This is one of numerous events held by publishers and companies during the E3 2021 season.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction will be a three player coop survival horror developed by Ubisoft and is set to be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Extraction will be a break for the series, which has been based on real-world and military tactics up to this point. This time, however, three players will face off against a mutant alien parasite that has wrecked the earth, murdered millions of people, and created terrifying monsters in the process.

The game will be a spin-off title based on a limited-time mode that first appeared in Rainbow Six: Siege in 2018. In the 2018 mode, “Outbreak” players had to fight off waves of mutated aliens after a probe crashed in Mexico. After a probe landed in Mexico, players in the 2018 game “Outbreak” had to battle off hordes of mutant aliens.

The game’s release date is currently unknown, with only 2021-2022 listed, but maybe the game’s debut at the Ubisoft Forward Event will provide the date, as well as a slew of other details that fans will eagerly await.