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Rainbow Six Siege’s New Update Has An Abundance Of New Features Including Sam Fisher


The newest update for Rainbow Six: Siege offers a variety of amazing new features including Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell joining the roster, new scopes and so much more.

Rainbow Six: Siege is already a vastly popular tactical first-person shooter, now add to that all the new features coming to the newest update and it will surely be something to look forward to.

The Operation Shadow Legacy update will bring an in-house collaboration with the Splinter Cell series. Splinter Cell’s main character Sam Fisher will now be a playable hero as of the new update with his new call sign Zero, which is sure to excite many fans of the action-adventure.

Not only has this update graced us with this exciting add on, but there are apparently many more little features packed in for us. Some of these features include Map bans, New scopes, a Thatcher rework, better ping system, a reworked chalet map which will boast improvements to the first and second floors, as well as a “traversable” roof. A new secondary gadget: the Hard Breach Charge, new Optics and Sights Colors, and new Reinforcement Pool, too.

Ubisoft has done us the solid of releasing a trailer to help detail the planned changes.

In this new Installment, Fisher or Zero will join the team with his trusty SC3000K assault rifle, but if you prefer you can make use of the MP7 or his 5.7 USG sidearm with its integrated suppressor. His Argus launcher also comes with an impressive laser sight, this will help you to gather intel via his trusty camera.

This device can launch projectiles through breakable, and reinforced surfaces. Do note that these projectiles cannot penetrate through electrified surfaces as they will be destroyed on contact and also mute Jammers will keep them from functioning properly.

The new Ping 2.0 system will make it so that each team member has a numbered Ping marker, to easily be able to track them.

The scopes and magnification levels on the weapons optics have been improved, and Some of the sights have also been redesigned and overhauled. It is now also possible to customize the colour and opacity of your reticles to be able to see your targets in a whole new way.

As far as reinforcements go the team will now have ten reinforcements that any teammate can use, which means that a single teammate can now secure more than two hatches if they choose.

Rainbow Six Siege's New Update Has An Abundance Of New Features Including Sam Fisher

There has also been an update made to Thatcher’s EMP grenade which will mean that the blast will temporarily disable gadgets now instead of destroying them the first time. Which will add another degree of difficulty here.

These new features are just another enticing add-on to this already enjoyable game, and if you want to get in on the action you can get involved in the Free play event happening from the 27th of August to the 4th of September.

This will also be a chance to try out the new “Squad finder”, which is a mobile and desktop app to help players match with teammates according to language, playstyle, and game habits.

There are reportedly even more updates coming to Rainbow Six Siege, so stay tuned for updates as they happen.