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Remedy Hints At New Game Plus For Alan Wake 2 This Month


There may be an announcement soon

Remedy Entertainment, the company behind Alan Wake, has disclosed that Alan Wake 2 might receive a New Game Plus feature as soon as this month.

The revelation came from a picture that was shared by Remedy of Alan Wake pointing a flashlight at a building on Twitter with the caption “New Game +” and the studio said, “New month, new game…plus?” The studio remarked, “New month, new game…plus?” Remedy says the feature will be added sometime this month, but it didn’t say exactly when. Maybe it will be revealed at The Game Awards 2023 or shadow-dropped on an arbitrary day.

Remedy had previously stated in October that Alan Wake II would receive New Game Plus after it launched. There will be a different plot as well. A new Nightmare difficulty option and the ability to retain all of your unlocked upgrades and weapons at the beginning of a new playthrough are two features of New Game Plus.

Ala Wake 2 includes insane combat scenes

In 2024, two new expansions for Alan Wake II, dubbed Night Springs and The Lakehouse, will be released. Over ten years have passed since the debut of Alan Wake in 2011 and the release of its spin-off, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, in 2012. It can be downloaded right now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.