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Resident Evil Characters Added To Dead By Daylight


A new Resident Evil chapter of Dead By Daylight is set to be released in June and will include three of our favourite characters.

The news was revealed by Behavior interactive that a new chapter of Dead By Daylight will be released on the 15th of June in which the cast of Resident Evil will make an appearance. Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, and even Nemesis will be among the characters who will appear, adding to the horror factor.

A new map for Dead by Daylight will be somewhat procedurally generated and modeled on the Raccoon City Police Department from The Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical horror franchise that features characters from other series such as Halloween, Left 4 Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Stranger Things, Silent Hill, Crypt TV, and now Resident Evil, in addition to original characters. Four Survivors are pitted against one Killer in Dead by Daylight. Because the survivors are quite helpless, their mission is to avoid the Killer and repair generators throughout the map so they can escape and fight another day.

Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 simply known as “Tyrant” will be around to torment in his typical manner. He will use the tentacle embedded in his arm as a whip to attack survivors. Nemesis has the ability to infect Survivors with the T-Virus.

Resident Evil Characters Added To Dead By Daylight

They cough and produce noises as a result, making them easier to find. Nemesis will also be able to spawn AI-controlled Zombies that will also be able to infect the players with the T-virus, and Nemesis scales with power when survivors are infected. His tentacle will also do more damage when hitting infected survivors.

Because the survivors in Dead By Daylight are typically unarmed Leon and Jill won’t have their trusty firearms so players will have to find other more cunning ways to survive.

Jill and Leon will be stronger than the rest of the cast though and each has their own unique perks. Jill, for example, can plant a mine on a generator, which will activate and detonate, blinding the Killer if they try to sabotage it.

Leon S.Kennedy can spawn flashbangs around the map and this can serve as a handy distraction. Killers can be stopped from carrying downed survivors with flashbangs, and if used correctly, they can also be blinded.

This new chapter will be an exciting addition for Resident Evil and Dead By Daylight fans alike and since it will be released on the 15th of June fans won’t have long to wait for this unique horror experience. This new chapter will be available on all the platforms that Dead By Daylight is currently available on.