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Resident Evil Releases Detailed 1/1 Licker Bust


Resident Evil is releasing an incredibly detailed Licker bust that is a 1/1 replica for all those horror fans out there.

There are those horror fans out there that are attracted to the weird ,the grotesque and those things that would scare the majority of society. For these select few , Capcom has you in mind and will be releasing a large bust representation of one of the most Iconic and creepy monsters in the Resident Evil Franchise. I speak of course about Licker.

In case you don’t know lickers are mutant humans that result from a second set of mutations experienced by Zombies in the Resident Evil universe, in particular those who have consumed large quantities of biomass to sustain their metabolism. Lickers are noted for their large, exposed brains, lack of skin and eyes, extreme sensitivity to sound, and their eponymous tongues.

Resident Evil Releases Detailed 1/1 Licker Bust

Purearts and Capcom have joined forces to bring this terrifying creature to life in a full-sized 1/1 scale bust as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Resident Evil series!

This Bust will set you back a whopping $899.00 USD which equates to about R13 500. This Exclusive edition is limited to only 100 units and each one comes with a signed production design sketch print from PureArts artist Mickael Lelievre!

This particular bust is modeled from the Resident Evil 2 Licker and is just one in the vast range of detailed statues that PureArts has produced in the past.

Some of these include: Assassin’s Creed, Cyberpunk 2077, Dark Souls, Ghost Recon, Tekken, Terminator, Joker among others and each of these are incredibly detailed and beautiful to behold.

Resident Evil Releases Detailed 1/1 Licker Bust

Some features for the Licker bust are:

  • Huge 1/1 scale detailed sculpt with detailed exposed muscle tissue and brain and massive teeth
  • Licker design based on the recent reimagining from Resident Evil 2
  • Removeable replica knife made in soft resin with a bloodied blade*
  • Limitation: 666 Standard Edition units + 100 Exclusives (Signed Art Print)
  • Delivery Date: Q2 2022
  • Statue Size: L29.5 in x W19.7 in x H17.3 in (75cm x 50cm x 44cm)
  • Statue Weight: 22lbs (10kg)

Seeing as Resident Evil 8 “Village” is due in May, there seems to be a surge of popularity for the games again, and as such the Resident Evil fans are sure to come out of the woodwork and grab this amazing statue.

It is a beautifully made Bust and is worth it if you can fork out that kind of cash for a collectible.