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Resident Evil Village Part Of A Trilogy


Resident Evil Village will reportedly be the second chapter in a trilogy in the Resident Evil franchise.

Our trusty information leaker Dusk Golem is at it again, this time with insider information that Will tantalize Resident Evil fans.

It seems Capcom Is already busy planning and even developing the next Resident Evil game in the franchise which will most likely be called Resident Evil 9. It has been hinted that the story for Resident Evil 9 will serve as a continuation or even conclusion of the trilogy that will be RE7, RE8, RE9.

Dusk Golem revealed his gem in a series of tweets stating that “RE7>RE8>RE9 have a connected, planned out story as all ended up in dev close together.” He also noted that Capcom is probably going to move away from numbered titles when RE9 is done. This is so that they can tell more “self-contained stories” rather than having to plan the stories out beforehand.

Ethan Winters has so far been an integral part of the Resident Evil storyline even though he has only appeared in RE7 so far, but according to these rumours, we will be seeing a lot more of him.

It seems that Capcom is wanting to give themselves more freedom to create by the discontinuation of the numbered titles and in this way maybe break away from the main storyline. They are already doing this with the upcoming RE8 as we all know from what we have been told that there will be a breakaway from Zombies to a variety of supernatural beings, werewolves, vampires, witches, etc.

They have tried to vary storylines before as with RE4 even though they do tie the franchise together by adding familiar faces like they did with RE4 when they added Ada Wong and Leon S Kennedy.

Resident Evil Village Part Of A Trilogy

They did this again in RE7 with Chris Redfield showing face with a new corporation called “Blue Umbrella” that is fighting bioterrorism this time. They will be adding Chris Redfield again in Resident Evil Village where he will play a larger role this time and is the one who kidnaps Ethan Winters and transports him to the Village.

According to Dusk Golem, everything will make more sense when Resident Evil Village is released and the storyline will fill in a lot of gaps. Dusk Golem is a trusted Leaker as his tidbits have come true on more than one occasion and all that is left for us to do now is speculate on the details of the next installment in the Resident Evil franchise namely Resident Evil 9.