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Resident Evil: Village…The Distant Figure


Remember back in the day when we would watch an episode of Pokemon and then the segment of “Who’s That Pokemon?” would pop up? Well that is pretty much what a snippet of RE Villages ending felt like when the SUV drove off and there was a figure standing in the distance.


The Mysteries of RE: Village

Throughout the game, we come across so many things that have raised many questions. From the origins of Mother Miranda to the creation of the Lycans, Varcolac, Moroaica & pretty much every other enemy that you encounter (I mean, they’re all pretty cool, right?), right through to something as basic as who is The Duke actually and where does he come from?

Much of what we have been asking gets an answer or at least some sort of insight as the game progresses, some of it you might have to piece together and even make some connotations from previous RE titles, but we are not always that fortunate with every Village mystery.

One of the biggest questions of the game is “who is the figure standing in the distance at the end of the epilogue?”

Resident Evil: Village…The Distant Figure

A Brief Summary

With the main focus of the game revolving around the rescue of Rosemary, the daughter of Mia and Ethan Winters, Rose turned out to be somewhat of a superhuman baby and the perfect specimen to become Mother Miranda’s daughter reanimated.

Fast forward to the end of the game where Ethan makes the decision to sacrifice himself in order for the others to escape, he hands baby Rose over to Chris Redfield, drapes his jacket over her, snatches the detonator from Chris, and says his final goodbyes. Once Chris, Mia, and Rose were safely in the air and out of blasting range, Ethan activates the detonator and is about to press the button, when the screen goes black.

We then find ourselves in the helicopter with the trio looking down at the devastation that is the entire Village being blown to smithereens and inevitably the tragic death of our protagonist, Ethan Winters…or so we think.

Fast forward about a decade or so (unless Rose has accelerated aging due to her superhuman abilities, which is very possible) and we see the daughter visiting her father’s grave on his birthday. She lays a bunch of flowers and starts to have a conversation with her late father, at which point one of the agents charged with watching over Rose pulls up.

The agent then informs Rosemary that she is needed and proceeds to mockingly call her “Eveline”, which if you remember was the name of the little girl from RE7: Biohazard who had an unhealthy obsession with creating the perfect family of Mold, leading to her eventual demise.

Rose was immediately set off by this, grabbing the agent and threatening him with “Don’t you ever call me that again.” “I can show you things even Chris doesn’t know I can do.” At which point she climbs into the SUV while the agent orders the nearby sniper to stand down.

It is at this point where the agent gets in the car and pulls off, only to be stopped by the figure in the distance.

Could It Be?

Resident Evil: Village…The Distant Figure

Thanks to the efforts of IGN we have a possible (and very likely) answer as to who this mysterious being could be.

Using the Otis_Inf photomode mod, they have not only revealed what Ethan Winters actually looks like from previous scenes but also unveiling our lone stranger from the epilogues ending.

Could this be a nudge in the direction of who we can expect to see in Resident Evil 9? Let’s hope so.