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Reviews 2.0


The grand update has already started…

For those that have been with us for some time now will recall that we used to rate our games with a score of X out of a 100; thinking that this would provide somewhat more thorough reviews.

This applied to Games, DLC, Expansions and Special Editions. They each had a category which we used to rate them by. With the update and upgrade of MGR Gaming we took a long hard look at the Review section and decided that we need to update this section as well.

Just like before the Games, DLC, Expansions and Special Editions will be rated based on what they provide. The scoring system has changed from 100 to 10.

Games get rated on the categories they provide, which is visible in each of our Reviews. There is Gameplay and Controls, Graphics, Sounds, Replayability and then MGR Gaming’s Conclusions. Each of these are a major factor that we use to rate a game by. This goes for each platform. Whether it is PC, Xbox, PlayStation or mobile and handheld consoles.

Our Review policy gives you a deeper breakdown on what we look at when rating a product and that can be viewed here.

DLC’s, Expansions and Special Editions are rated in much the same way, but with focus on value for money. Is it really worth the price tag? Is it fun, does it improve your gaming experience? These are the foundations we use when looking at these add ons. We feel that way because pretty much every game these days has a standard price tag, yet as time goes by more and more ‘extras’ for them are released at additional costs. A lot of these extras are tied to achievements/trophies so hunters and collectors feel obliged to purchased them for that 100% completion. Others buy them to expand their experience within the game, and sometimes these ‘extras’ are not worth the price tag or your time, and that is what you can expect from us.

Another major update that some of you will notice.

With having to manually re-upload our reviews to the new website, and then the review update we took it one step further. For games that have received patches, bug fixes and other improvements, We have also started updating their scores based on these updates to offer you a more accurate view on the game. Furthermore, we have also updated the information on our reviews. If they received future platform availability or they were expanded to other platforms, we have started updating our reviews to showcase these additional platforms that the game can now be played on.

We will always go the extra mile for our viewers, to ensure that we bring you accurate and valuable information.  This is a major update on the admin side of things and we ask you to be patient with us as we go to work on updating all these reviews.