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Rockstar To Remove Rockstar Editor From GTA Online On Last-Gen Consoles


PS4 and Xbox One to Lose Access to the Editor as Rockstar Cites Technical Limits

Rockstar Games has announced that the Rockstar Editor will no longer be available on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA Online starting February 20. The move is attributed to the technical constraints of last-gen consoles, with Rockstar acknowledging that these platforms are reaching their limits.

In a recent blog post, Rockstar stated, “As we begin to approach the limits of what’s possible within the technical capacity of previous-generation consoles, we are taking necessary steps to allow for future GTA Online updates on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.” This decision aims to ensure the stability of these platforms and facilitate ongoing updates for as long as possible.

GTA Online combat mechanic

The removal of the Rockstar Editor on last-gen consoles doesn’t mean the end for the feature altogether. Players on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC will continue to have access to the Rockstar Editor, unaffected by the upcoming change.

While some fans have expressed concern about the removal, Rockstar emphasizes the necessity of this update to support ongoing game updates on both platforms. The move aligns with the evolving technical landscape, hinting at a future where last-gen consoles may struggle to keep up with the demands of GTA Online.

On a related note, players have pointed out that the Rockstar Editor is currently tied to certain trophies and achievements in GTA 5. It remains to be seen if any adjustments will be made to these achievements, potentially impacting players striving for a 100% completion of GTA 5. If you’re chasing perfection in the game, you have a few weeks left before the Rockstar Editor bids farewell to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA Online.