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Sea Of Thieves Introduces New Loadout Weapon After Six Years

Sea Of Thieves Introduces New Loadout Weapon After Six Years

Rare Breaks Tradition with First Ship Armory Addition Since Launch 

Rare’s Sea of Thieves is set to shake up its arsenal with the introduction of a new weapon class, marking the first addition to the ship’s armory since the game’s debut six years ago.

In an exclusive interview with GameSpot, Rare revealed that players can anticipate a fresh weapon class, breaking the mold of previous additions like the Trident of Dark Tides and the Ashen Winds skull. Unlike these items, which required discovery in the open world, the upcoming weapon will be readily available in armories across the game’s universe, including on ships and at forts and outposts.

Since its inception, Sea of Thieves has adhered to a flat progression system across its four existing weapon classes: sword, sniper, shotgun, and pistol. This system ensures equal footing for all players by keeping weapon stats undisclosed, fostering a level playing field driven by skill and creativity. The new weapon is expected to maintain this ethos while offering fresh gameplay dynamics

Sea Of Thieves New Loadout weapons.

Creative Director Mike Chapman hinted at the impact of these new tools, describing them as “high-impact tools that change the meta and the sandbox, providing new interactions with others.” Executive Producer Joe Neate emphasized the focus on fostering engaging player dynamics and memorable encounters, highlighting the game’s ongoing evolution.

With Sea of Thieves setting sail on PS5 on April 30, complete with DualSense support, players can look forward to an enriched gaming experience. As Rare continues to innovate within the beloved pirate adventure, anticipation mounts for the exciting new additions on the horizon.