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Sony Cameras Can Now Be Used As Webcams Via New Software


This new software will help Windows users be able to use their Sony Camera as a Webcam.

Sony in its effort to keep up with technology has released software that will allow some of its cameras to be used as high-quality webcams.

The new Imaging Edge Webcam app is at present only available on Windows and requires Windows 10 64-bit to run. As to when and if this software will be available to Mac users in the future is still unknown.

This new app will be a gamechanger when it comes to streaming and zoom meetings alike, as you will be able to record yourself in super high quality straight from your Sony camera.

Sony Cameras Can Now Be Used As Webcams Via New Software

The cameras currently supported by the app are:

  • Sony A7R IV
  • Sony A7 III
  • Sony A7S III
  • Sony A6100
  • Sony ZV-1

The process of using the app will change slightly according to the model, but don’t fret Sony has given full details on the official Imaging Edge Webcam software page. Do note that you might have to install a firmware update to use the software. Even though you will have to utilize the audio through your computer or an external mic, you will however still be able to use autofocus.

Sony Cameras Can Now Be Used As Webcams Via New Software

To get started, firstly you would connect your Sony camera to the camera using the PC remote function (you will have to switch off smartphone control). Then you will have to connect the camera to your PC via USB, launch your chosen video conferencing software and choose your camera as the source. The finicky bit is at the end where you apparently need to open Imaging Edge Webcam, switch your camera off and on again, then restart the video of your conferencing software.

It might seem a little complicated to get into, but it will be worth it this will be a much cheaper and more simple option than buying an external video capture card as these can get pricey.

So, if you are lucky enough to own one of the above-mentioned cameras and have the correct operating system than this software is a bonus for you. This software paired with a professional Sony camera will enable more professional meetings as well as higher quality video calls to loved ones. Just think of the possibilities in a professional capacity (sales calls etc.)