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Sony In The Market To Buy Metal Gear, Silent Hill And Castlevania From Konami


The rumors are running rife that Sony is in the market to buy from Konami – purchasing Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania. This comes from an anonymous 4Chan user that claims to be a Konami employee, as this is not the first time we have heard these rumors in the past few months we tend to take them seriously.

Apparently, Sony wants to remake Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake with the help of Hideo Kojima.

They also plan to do a soft reboot of The Silent Hill series and possibly get help from Hideo Kojima on this title too. On the team as well will be Keiichiro Toyama (the creator of both The Silent Hill and Siren series of games), and Ikumi Nakamura who is the lead artist for Tango Gamework’s “The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2”.

As for Castlevania, Sony apparently has a full reboot in mind which it will achieve with the help of Koji Igarashi and Shutari Iida who have worked on multiple games in the franchise.

We have no actual confirmation of these rumors that Sony is in the market to buy from Konami yet but hope to see some of these remakes in the near future.