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Sony’s Loss, EA’s Gain Connie Booth Joins Electronic Arts

Sony's Loss, EA's Gain Connie Booth Joins Electronic Arts

Former PlayStation Executive Finds New Home at EA

Connie Booth, a seasoned figure in the gaming industry with over three decades of experience, has made a significant move from Sony to Electronic Arts (EA). After her departure from Sony in 2023, Booth’s arrival at EA marks a new chapter in her illustrious career, where she assumes the role of Group Manager, Action RPG.

Booth’s transition to EA comes amidst speculation surrounding her departure from Sony, with reports suggesting she was terminated rather than leaving voluntarily. Despite the circumstances, Booth’s reputation for fostering a developer-first culture and driving innovation precedes her, making her a valuable addition to EA’s leadership team.

EA offices.

In her new role  , Booth will oversee EA Motive, Cliffhanger, and BioWare, steering the development of highly anticipated projects such as Man, Black Panther, and upcoming Dragon Age and Mass Effect titles. With her extensive experience and industry insights, Booth is poised to make a significant impact on EA’s game development initiatives.

As EA continues to navigate industry challenges and adapt to evolving market trends, Booth’s leadership will be instrumental in shaping the future of gaming at one of the industry’s leading publishers.