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Square Enix Teases Exciting Unannounced Games For 2024


There are new games in the works from the makers of Nier and more

2024 is fast approaching, and the upcoming year is already teeming with anticipated video game releases. Square Enix appears poised to reveal more exciting projects, with two of its producers, Yosuke Saito and Mariko Sato, dropping hints about new endeavors in a recent interview with 4Gamer (translated by SiliconEra). Notably, Saito and Sato seem to be involved in distinct projects rather than collaborating on the same one. Saito, known for his role in the Nier series and Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, is working on one project, while Sato, the producer of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion in 2022, is engaged in another.

Regrettably, the interview did not provide additional details, leaving us in suspense about the nature of these projects. As we step into 2024, more insights into Square Enix’s plans, along with those of other game publishers, are expected to unfold. While the release calendars for January and February are already brimming with numerous games, concrete release dates for titles beyond March remain scarce. Notably, Square Enix has already generated considerable buzz for 2024 with the announcement of the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth scheduled for February.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth:

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to launch as a timed exclusive on PS5, marking the second installment in an envisaged trilogy.

Rebirth expands on the hybrid of action-focused melee combat and the Active-Time Battle (ATB) system introduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake, with players taking control of a party of characters who can be freely switched between at any time during gameplay.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth serves as a direct continuation of the overarching narrative initially introduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020). It reimagines the storyline, world, and characters from the original Final Fantasy VII (1997). The game unfolds in an unspecified world referred to simply as “The Planet” and revolves around the protagonists’ journey.

They aim to put an end to the oppressive rule of the Shinra Electric Power Company, which controls the sprawling metropolis of Midgar by harnessing the ethereal power source called the Lifestream. Simultaneously, they strive to thwart Sephiroth, a legendary former member of Shinra’s elite SOLDIER unit presumed dead. Sephiroth is now attempting to summon the destructive magic Meteor to harm the Planet, with the intention of merging with the Lifestream and achieving godhood.

Rebirth spans the narrative from leaving Midgar to reaching the Forgotten Capital, covering events from the original game. However, the sequence in which locations are explored differs from the original. For instance, the visit to Wutai is reserved for the third installment.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailer:

Hopefully, Square Enix won’t keep us waiting too long before revealing what Saito and Sato are up to! Anything else could be announced after Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but there’s no way of knowing for sure. Given the amount of excitement surrounding Rebirth, it would make sense for the publisher to prioritize it over everything else. Square Enix may be more open to revealing what else is in the works once the game is released on February 29th!