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State Of Decay 2 Receives Major Overhaul Ahead Of Steam Release


State of Decay 2 has always been exclusively available on the Microsoft store since it was launched in 2018. We are happy to say it will be arriving on steam on Friday the 13th of march 2020.

This State Of Decay 2 overhaul release will be the “Juggernaut Edition” which is an impressively expanded version of the original. Apparently, the Microsoft store version will receive an upgrade as well.

Juggernaut Edition is also available for all Xbox Game Pass members, and launching for the first time on Steam with cross-network play across all platforms.

In this Juggernaut Edition we will be receiving some bug fixes, a new category of heavy melee weapons, some graphic enhancements, new music added, a new open world map of a rugged logging town Called providence ridge and an enhanced post-tutorial experience to introduce the new mechanics.

State of Decay 2 Receives Major overhaul just ahead of its Steam release  Jugg Jacket
“If you already own Heartland, you’ll receive a one-time 3,000 prestige bonus and a unique in-game Juggernaut leather jacket (different from Daybreak Pack)”

The State Of Decay 2 overhaul also comes with three new DLC’s. The heartland DLC, the daybreak pack and the independence pack for our pleasure.

Those who already bought the DLC separately will receive “some exclusive in-game gifts that won’t be available anywhere else” on launch day.

State of Decay 2 Receives Major overhaul just ahead of its Steam release  Male Jacket
“If you’re an Ultimate Edition owner, you receive the Daybreak gifts, an exclusive in-game outfit (jacket and matching WW2-themed helmet) inspired by “Shaggy Jack” of Providence Ridge, as well as an additional 1,000 prestige bonus.”

I must say this is an exciting prospect as an improvement on this already amazing game; it can only be mind-blowing.