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Steam Patch Announced For NieR: Automata


Many fans will be jumping with joy as this patch has been anticipated for almost four years.

In 2017 the ARPG Hack and Slash that is Nier: Automata was released on PS4 and PC and then on Xbox One in 2018.

From the very beginning, fans were complaining about the shoddy PC port for the game and they have been awaiting a patch or fix of some kind ever since.

An announcement for an upcoming upgrade patch was recently made in the form of a vague tweet on the official Nier Twitter account.

Some of the issues faced with the PC version of the game were poor ultrawide support, lack of resolution options and optimization features, locked framerate, awkward keyboard, and mouse controls, and issues with stuttering and crashing.

Some fans of the game turned to community-made solutions such as Kaldaien’s “FAR” mod (Fix Automata Resolution) to solve these problems.

The bugs and issues never made the game actually unplayable but it was really poorly executed and the fact there was no official patch or fix for the steam version is surprising. There were DLC’s released after the initial game adding new content but why they did not fix the existing issues first is a mystery.

Steam Patch Announced For NieR: Automata

Fans of the game had noticed that Nier: Automata on Xbox Game Pass for PC fixed many of the issues that still persisted in its Steam counterpart, and as a result players started review bombing the Steam version with negative reviews in protest.

One user stated: “Fix this game, it needs user-created mods to be fit for purpose. I paid full price for a flawed game and now that is working correctly on another platform it is insulting that the steam version is still defective.”

This all proves how angry fans are that they aren’t getting answers and fixes for the Steam version of the game whereas the other versions are getting fixes or don’t have these issues, to begin with.

Steam Patch Announced For NieR: Automata

The Game Pass version of the game appears to be much better than the Steam version, which still has framerate and control issues. The new edition, on the other hand, includes a borderless mode and enhanced textures.

This mysterious tweet begs the question of which issues will be getting a look in and will Square Enix finally be listening to fans and work on the issues that are causing the most problems.