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Steam’s Iconic Summer Game Festival Has Begun


Steam has kicked off its Game festival: summer edition and there is a plethora of Demos for you to try out.

The festival Is happening right now as we speak and goes on until the 22nd of June.

Steam's Iconic Summer Game Festival Has Begun

The first Steam Game Festival was started in 2019 was held in conjunction with The Game Awards. A spring edition took place in March of 2019 and featured over 40 demos of titles meant for the postponed GDC 2020 event.

The Festival now running is the third event of its type and the largest one to date with over 900 titles featured in this Summer event.

Steam's Iconic Summer Game Festival Has Begun

Steam has made a variety of Demos available for many of the Indie games on offer. It will also be possible for you to watch games being played. You will be able to listen to the developers talking about their games and there will also be live Q&As about the various games on offer in the festival.

Some of the featured Demos are Mars Horizon, Desperados III, Out Of Reach: Treasure Royale, Demagnete, and Beam, just to name but a few.

Steam's Iconic Summer Game Festival Has Begun

On the Steam site itself, you will be able to see a nicely laid out Event schedule that will tell you exactly when each planned Livestream is set to begin, so that you will be able to plan your day around the events that you fancy watching.

Throughout the duration of the festival, you can find all the games on offer on the Steam hub and each listing will then take you the store pages of each game.

Hopefully, we have enticed you enough with all this information to hurry on over to Steam to be part of this amazing Gaming Festival now taking place.