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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Springs A Surprise Content Update


Fans Excited by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Content, Anticipate More on the Horizon

While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has officially concluded its DLC releases, the game continues to receive fresh content. Nintendo pleasantly surprised fans this week by unveiling a new Spirit event, introducing additional Spirits to the game in homage to some of the latest Nintendo releases spanning various series. What’s even more exciting is that this doesn’t seem to mark the conclusion of the influx of new content, as players discern hints from Nintendo’s past messages, suggesting the possibility of several more waves of Spirits being added to the game.

The latest Spirits featured hail from Pikmin 4, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Splatoon 3. Specifically, the newly added characters are Oatchi, Noah and Mio, Rauru, and the Deep Cut trio from Splatoon 3, including Shiver, Frye, and Big Man.

The Nintendo of America Twitter account, announcing a limited-time Spirit event, has shared visuals of the four new spirits. As observed in previous Spirit events, these spirits—Oatchi, Noah and Mio, Rauru, and Deep Cut—are more prevalent on the Spirit Board than usual for a specified period (in this instance, five days). Players can earn additional gold by defeating these spirits during the event.

The Many Supr Smash Bros heroes standing on a cliff.

The significance of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate receiving new content in 2024 is noteworthy considering the game’s extended presence in the gaming landscape. The last notable content update, featuring the addition of the Evil Ryu Spirit, occurred approximately two years ago. Although Amiibo drops have persisted, substantive updates for the game itself had become infrequent.

Despite the introduction of new Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, some players have found reasons to complain, focusing on specific Spirits or suggesting alternative additions. However, the overall sentiment recognizes that any new content is positive for a game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The community eagerly anticipates potential future Spirit events, wondering if their desired additions will come to fruition.

A hint at the possibility of more Spirit events emerges from a past Nintendo tweet. In December, the Japanese Twitter account for the Smash Bros. series hinted at Spirits arriving in 2024, describing it as the “First new Spirits event” with a promise of it happening “4 times in total.” This strongly suggests that the recent Spirit additions are the first wave, hinting at three more waves in the future.

In other Super Smash Bros. news, Bandai Namco, a key collaborator with Nintendo on the Super Smash Bros. games, announced the establishment of a dedicated team for Nintendo projects last year. Additionally, Masahiro Sakurai, the renowned developer synonymous with the Super Smash Bros. series, recently revealed plans to conclude his YouTube channel this year. Speculation arises that this decision may signify his intention to embark on a new game development project.