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Telkom Home Fibre May Drop By Up To R200 Per Month


Last year December saw a report from the Competition Commission enquiring into the ridiculously high prices that were being asked of South Africans from Telkom, MTN and Vodacom. Since then Vodacom and MTN have reduced their rates and now we have the news that Telkom has followed suit.

Telkom and the Competition commission announced an agreement for a substantial reduction in the rates it asks ISP’s.

South African home users could be paying up to R200 less a month for Fibre optic internet connections, according to a technology analyst at the Technology Research Company “World Wide Worx”.

The analyst said he saw instances where Telkom had charged R135 per MB, compared to competitors that were charging below R10 per MB.

Telkom was charging these exorbitant prices to the ISP’s because of their use of Telkom’s copper network for ADSL. As copper is no longer in use due to theft etc, these prices should’ve been reduced with the introduction of Fibre. Because they were boasting the “Vastest fibre network in South Africa “they were still able to overcharge.

Well that has all changed thanks to the Competition commission coming to the rescue of the consumer.

As to exactly how much the rates will reduce, we don’t know as of yet but are anticipating news on this soon.