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The Final Fantasy 7 Crossover In Apex Legends Begins On A Negative Tone


Concerns about AI art and overall cosmetic charges of up to $360 plays a big role in the negative feedback

Fans are dissatisfied with Apex Legends’ sudden collaboration with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, with complaints about cosmetic costs and suspicions about AI artwork in advertising material common online.

The Final Fantasy 7 takeover, which begins tomorrow and runs until January 13, features a Limit Break system and additional objects that may be found during a match, such as the legendary Buster Sword or Hop-Up Materia that provide powers. But, as with events, what catches the eye are the cosmetics involved. The Final Fantasy 7-themed event includes 36 new items that may be obtained through event packs, as well as six ‘Iconic’ skins that can be purchased outright.

How the final fantasy 7 and Apex legends crossover looks

That’s not how things usually work in Apex. Events in the popular battle royale frequently include an heirloom item that is unlocked once you have obtained everything else on offer, which fans estimate will cost $160 on average for every event. But what about here? The heirloom item is available in event packs, 34but the chances of getting one are so low that you’ll most likely need to buy 36 packs, at which time you’ll have spent more than $360 to get the Buster Sword heirloom, which differs from the one available in-game.

The event also includes a One-Winged Angel-themed funeral box that can only be unlocked when you’ve obtained everything else, which, as fans have deduced, entails a significant investment. One gamer has supposedly compiled a list of alternatives including an Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and much more.

EA and Respawn have also been accused of relying too heavily on AI in their event marketing. Several photographs have been uploaded online with some abnormalities that are common when AI is involved, while some have speculated that what you see is the result of in-game footage being passed through an anime filter of some sort.

AI has become an increasingly popular trend in the gaming business in recent months, with developers flocking to use it while writers and artists fear for their employment. The Finals, the current FPS and Apex Legends rival, is no stranger to those discussions, having publicly relied on AI for voice work.

The prevailing attitude about AI, combined with the hefty sums required to obtain Final Fantasy 7 skins in Apex Legends, means that sentiment toward the popular battle royale isn’t great right now. At the time of writing, Respawn had not addressed either issue.