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The Finals Developer Has Promised To Address Pain Points


“Gears in motion” to fix the community’s “pain points”

The Finals developer has promised to address “pain points” for the player base, such as missing daily challenges.

A developer from Embark Studios recently stated on the official Discord channel for the FPS game that it was “keeping track of the current conversation around all of the pain points.” This means that “gears are in motion for the coming weeks” for The Finals updates.

The developer did not specify which “pain points” it would address in these updates for The Finals players. However, in one case, the “Daily Contracts” section of the game was missing a Contract, resulting in players missing their usual layout of challenges.

The finals combat footage

According to the same developer, this is a fixed issue, and starting tomorrow, January 6, the normal number of Daily Contracts in The Finals will be restored. That’s a very quick turnaround from noticing the problem to resolving it for the studio.

Note from the developer.

One “pain point” could be The Finals’ Battle Pass, which has recently received criticism from players. Players were upset that it takes nearly 100 hours to complete the Battle Pass, requiring a significant time commitment from players for cosmetic items.

We don’t know if the upcoming The Finals updates will only focus on in-game tweaks rather than addressing issues with the game itself, such as the Battle Pass. We’ll have to keep an eye out for more information from Embark Studios in the coming weeks.