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The Iconic Killer Of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Has Been Removed In An Update


Leather face has become optional and can be left out now

When you think of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you most likely envision Leatherface. However, the mask-wearing cannibal will no longer be required in multiplayer horror game matches in the future.

According to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre patch notes for today, November 28, “we have removed the requirement for Leatherface in every match.” Gun Interactive adds that nothing else has changed with this update, such as maps or family spawns. Instead, it appears that this is a way to avoid forcing players to play Leatherface.

Another significant change for the asymmetrical multiplayer game concerns valve gameplay on the Slaughterhouse map. The victim team’s escape had apparently become too easy.

Along with the patch, Texas Chain Saw Massacre now has a new killer, victim, and map. The villain and map additions are “Black” Nancy and her house, while Danny joins the victim roster. He has the abilities to Study and Tamper. If you didn’t already know, GameSpot has advice on how to play the various family members and victims in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

leatherface is the iconic killer in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

On Halloween, the developers of Texas Chain Saw Massacre shared their favourite horror games, as well as their hopes for including content from the film sequel in the game. After launching in August, the multiplayer horror title is now available on Xbox Game Pass.