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The New Xbox Series X Specs Have Arrived


The new Xbox Series X has been uncovered in detail for us to see and lay our eyes on.

Although E3 was cancelled due to Corona Virus Concerns, Microsoft has decided it will host an online event this week discussing the Series X and Project xCloud.

Players who buy certain titles on the Xbox One X this year will also be able to upgrade to the Xbox Series X for free. If you have been keeping abreast of my news articles recently you will already know that CD Projekt Red is allowing us to upgrade with the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 (Being released on 17 September 2020).

Here are Microsoft’s highlights for the Xbox Series X:

  • HDMI 2.1 Support
  • 120Hz Support
  • Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)
  • Dynamic Latency Input (DLI)
  • Direct Storage
  • NVMe SSD Rate Decompression
  • Opus and Vorbis Audio Decode
  • Convolution / FFT Hardware Offload
  • Sampler Feedback Streaming (SFS)
  • Hardware Accelerated DirectX Raytracing (DXR)
  • Variable Rate Shading (VRS)
  • Mesh Shaders
  • GPU Work Creation
  • 8K Capable
  • Machine Learning Acceleration
  • 3.6 GHz w/ SMT Enabled
  • Raw throughput, discounts seek overhead and system usage
  • Expandable Storage matches internal storage performance

A few more comparative specs for you to feast your eyes on:

Xbox Series X system specs compared to Xbox One X and Xbox One S

Dimensions 15.1cm x 15.1cm x 30.1cm 30cm x 24cm x 6cm 29.5cm x 23cm x 6.5cm
CPU 8x Cores @ 3.8GHz
Custom Zen 2 CPU*
8x Cores @ 2.3 GHz
Custom Jaguar CPU
8x Cores @ 1.75 GHz
Custom Jaguar CPU
52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz
Custom RDNA 2 GPU
40 CUs @ 1.172 GHz
Custom GCN GPU + Polaris
12 CUs @ 914 MHz
Custom GCN GPU
SOC Die Size 360.45 mm** 366.94 mm** 227.1 mm**
Memory 16 GB GDDR6 12 GB GDDR5 8 GB DDR3
Memory Bandwidth 10GB @ 560 GB/s
6GB @ 336 GB/s
326 GB/s 68 GB/s
32 MB ESRAM @ 218 GB/s
Internal Storage 1TB Custom NVME SSD 1TB HDD 500GB, 1TB, 2TB HDD
I/O Throughput 2.4 GB/s (Raw)
4.8 GB/s (Compressed)
120 MB/s** 120 MB/s
Expandable Storage 1 TB Expansion Card*** N/A N/A
External Storage USB 3.2 External HDD USB 3.2 External HDD USB 3.2 External HDD
Optical Disc Drive 4K UHD Blu-ray 4K UHD Blu-ray 4K UHD Blu-ray
Performance Target 4K @ 60 FPS, Up to 120 FPS 4K @ 30 FPS, Up to 60 FPS 1080P @ 30 FPS, Up to 60 FPS

Want more? well you can check the full YouTube video by Digital Foundry here.

This Console is some serious Hardware and truly a glimpse into the Technological future of gaming and we are waiting in anticipation for its release.