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The Top Ten scariest Boss Fights In Resident Evil


Here are our picks for the top ten scariest boss fights across The Resident Evil franchise.

Resident Evil is an incredibly popular franchise and has become a staple in the Horror genre.

Since the first games release in 1996 they have been bringing the horror and this has always been extremely evident in each and every boss players have had to fight. We have scoured the Resident Evil Games and found the ten most challenging, scary, and horror-filled boss fights that we felt we needed to share with you.

Below are the Top Ten Boss Fights cross the Resident Evil franchise in no particular order.

Yawn (Resident Evil):


Yawn Appears in Resident Evil and is an experimental B.O.W. test subject created at the Arklay Laboratory. It was given the nickname “Yawn” because of the way it opens its mouth before striking. Numerous adders live in the trees in the Spencer Mansion’s courtyard. They brought one of these snakes inside and infected it with an unknown strain of the T- virus. The yawn then grew to a massive size and became hormonally unstable and way too aggressive to control. The snake went on a rampage and killed numerous researchers and made the mansion its territory.

How to Defeat Yawn

To take Yawn down you will have to perfect your timing and evasion, and you don’t actually need to kill him to defeat him, but if you wish to kill him to defeat him there are two ways. If you are playing with Jill you can hit Yawn with some Acid rounds. If however, you are playing with Chris you can simply shoot him with your shotgun three times.

The Top Ten scariest Boss Fights In Resident Evil

Verdugo (Resident Evil 4):


Verdugo is a boss fought in the sewers in Chater1-4 of Resident Evil 4. He is one of the strongest bosses in Resident Evil and has 20,000HP.

The Verdugos, which means “executioner” in Spanish, were B.O.W.s created by Los Iluminados to act as personal bodyguards or Ramon Salazar’s right-hand men.

They were created through the splicing of insect DNA into the genome of human test subjects who had been parasite by Plagas. There are presumably only two and they both served as Ramon Salazar’s bodyguards. You only fight one of them though in the sewer.

How to Defeat Verdugo

Verdugo is a difficult boss to kill, but there is one sure way that many people use. To end his miserable existence you first need to use the Nitrogen canisters and stun him, let him stay like this as long as possible, and then use whatever weapon you are using to blast him into oblivion.

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to kill him you can keep freezing him with the Nitrogen canisters at any chance you get, this will give you the chance to get away.

The Top Ten scariest Boss Fights In Resident Evil

El Gigante (Resident Evil 4):


El Gigante is the name of a group of human-based Bio Organic weapons produced by Los lluminados. These “giants” were first produced from human test subjects during Los Iluminados experiments on the mutational effects of the Plagas on their hosts. They proved to be difficult to control and became a danger to Ganados and as a result, not many were produced.

How to Defeat El Gigante

There are four El Gigante’s to defeat in Resident Evil One is optional and the other three are obligatory.

All four can be defeated the same way. You will need to expose the parasite in El Gigante’s hideous neck and once that is done you can hack at it with a button prompt.

The first one you fight can be defeated with help from the dog. That is if you freed him from the bear trap at the beginning of the game.

The second one is optional so you don’t have to fight it if you don’t feel that way inclined.

The third and fourth El Gigante’s come together, but don’t fret you can use the ladder to climb up and use the zipline. When El Gigante has been lured over the circle on the floor you can then pull the lever and watch him fall into the lave, but don’t go too close until it’s closed again since he could pull you in with him. You can then use the conventional method to kill the second one.

The Top Ten scariest Boss Fights In Resident Evil

Albert Wesker (Resident Evil 5):


Wesker was the leader of a team of STARS agents which investigated disappearances in the Arklay mountains, where they were chased into a mysterious mansion by rabid dogs.

The team then discovered the undead which were roaming the halls and divided to investigate. Wesker faked innocence and it turns out he was a double agent for The Umbrella corp. His STARS companions then became fodder for the zombie creations roaming the halls.

This is where it was thought that Wesker was killed by an experimental Tyrant T-002. It turns out he had injected himself with one of Umbrella’s compounds, which helped him to survive. When it came to a final showdown with Chris in Resident Evil 5 Wesker injected himself with the Uroboros virus and then mutated to a vile monster which now seeks to destroy Chris.

How To Defeat Albert Wesker

It is said that no amount of bullets will kill Wesker for good. You will need to use a combination of piping hot magma and numerous strategic rocket blasts to the face to finally get rid of this formidable foe.

The Top Ten scariest Boss Fights In Resident Evil

William Birkin (Resident Evil 2):


Dr. William Birkin was one of the Umbrella Corporations’ top viral researchers and was responsible for developing the G-virus. He is also the man who is most responsible for the destruction of Raccoon City.

He was once a normal human being before he was infected with the G-virus and turned into a constantly transforming mutant abomination.

How to Defeat William Birkin

You will have two stages of your boss fight with William Birkin. In the first stage, you will need to shoot the humanoid head twice and that will make the monster stagger a bit.

After you have done this a couple of times the next stage of the fight will start. Here a giant glowing eye will appear on his shoulder. This is where you need to aim now. You will need to be at a safe distance when you have at the eye with your shotgun. You will have to repeat this until you finally defeat this hideous monster.

The Top Ten scariest Boss Fights In Resident Evil

Lisa Trevor ( Resident Evil Remake):


Lisa Trevor was the first person to become a progenitor adapter since the Neolithic. She was kidnapped as part of what would later become Umbrella Pharmaceuticals’ retroviral research initiative. Trevor’s improved abilities made her a frequent and reliable test subject in bioweapons research after she recovered and mutated from exposure to a Progenitor strain.

Trevor’s usefulness to the organization came to an end in 1988, after twenty years of research, when a Progenitor strain known as Golgotha Virus was discovered in her blood.

Trevor’s abilities saved her from being executed, and she went on to live in the mountains until 1998, when she became involved in the Mansion Incident, eventually dying when the facility was demolished.

How To Defeat Lisa Trevor

Defeating Lisa Trevor does not include killing her and when you encounter her you should be very wary of her manacles as she uses them as weapons against you. You will need to unload a fair amount of ammo into her body before she ultimately collapses and this will give you a chance to escape. If you try to kill her you will be there all day wasting your ammo.

The Top Ten scariest Boss Fights In Resident Evil

Nemesis-T Type (Resident Evil 3 Nemesis):


With the effective implantation of NE- parasites inside T-103 hosts, the Nemesis-T Types were the culmination of the Nemesis Project, providing Umbrella with a highly intelligent and powerful organism. While several Nemesis-T Types were developed, only one is known to have seen action. The resulting creature was called Nemesis for short, and the one sent in Raccoon City was nicknamed the “Pursuer”.

How to Defeat Nemesis

Nemesis is a strong opponent that can’t be killed by standard weapons.

You will need to use evasion through all of your encounters with him, the second encounter on the roof top is simple enough, you will just have to follow the button prompts to make it out ok.

Nemesis cannot be killed! However, he can be temporarily downed by doing enough damage to him in rapid successions, such as several shotgun blasts to the head. That’ll buy you about thirty seconds to make an escape before he gets back up. Other things to note are:

  • He cant follow you into a safe room or some areas such as the Toy store so use this to your advantage but he does sometimes wait outside for you.
  • Nemesis even has a shout assault that stuns you by blasting air in front of him. It doesn’t hurt, but you can’t move or act when inside, leaving you open to follow-up moves and attacks from other zombies. Prepare to duck the moment it’s over, much like the sprint stagger.
  • Finally, Nemesis will catch your legs with his large tentacle arm and drag you towards him while knocking you on your back. It’s difficult to avoid, but it just takes a clear line of sight and does no damage. If you don’t get up fast, he’ll follow up with a punch. Dodge to the right as soon as he lets go to get up in the safest position.

The Top Ten scariest Boss Fights In Resident Evil

Marguerite Baker (Resident Evil 7):


Marguerite Baker is the mother in the cruel and sadistic Baker family. She is wife to Jack Baker, and mother to Zoe Baker and Lucas Baker. In 2014, the Baker family encountered Mia Winters and Eveline, who had been washed ashore after being shipwrecked, and decided to take them in.

Eveline was a bio-organic tool with telepathic abilities who was obsessed with making her own kin, unbeknownst to them. Eveline’s mold gradually corrupted Mia and the Baker family. Marguerite acquired the ability to create and monitor mutant insects hatched from Eveline’s mold as a result of the infection.

Marguerite sports demonic eyes and has the ability to control mutant insects and possess super human strength and speed making her a formidable opponent.

How to Defeat Marguerite Baker

You will encounter Marguerite twice during the game and you have the choice to run or fight. Just be warned if you do fight it will take you a lot more ammo to take her down than it took to take down her husband. She also has insect friends that she can set on you from a distance.

Your fight against Marguerite in the old house will result in her sending insects after you in the pit rather than fighting with her one on one. Your best bet here is to use your knife or gun against these pesky swarms.

While you are killing the bugs shoot Marguerite in the head with your handgun until she drops into the pit and turns into black goo, but don’t step in it because it will cause damage, just get the hell out.

The greenhouse boss fight with Marguerite is a challenge but as soon as she approaches via the window up the stairs blast her with your shotgun and she will leave you alone long enough to find things to help you in your fight.

She is susceptible to fire so use the Burner until you set her ablaze, then switch to the shotgun and aim for her head and hornet’s nest underwear, as they’re her two weak points. Your biggest issue here will be having enough ammo but don’t fret there are plenty of helpful objects lying around.

The Top Ten scariest Boss Fights In Resident Evil

Del Lago (Resident Evil 4):


Del Lago is a salamander that became the host to a parasite. The organism mutated in response to its tiny host, greatly increasing its size. It was fueled by the dumping of bodies, as Leon S. Kennedy witnessed when two Ganados dumped a police officer’s body in the lake. This behemoth is massive and formidable, yet with a little effort, it can be defeated.

How to Defeat Del Lago

When you encounter Del Lago he will pull your motorboat and as you get dragged along you will need to avoid the debris or a portion of your health will be taken.

The lower your health, the farther you’ll have to swim. When you get an opportunity, hold your aim button and press the action button to throw a harpoon. You can keep scoring hits until it submerges in which case press left or right quickly to avoid it from surfacing and hitting you. When the boat comes to a complete stop, it means you’ll get rushed.

Keep your eyes open for it, and when it gets close enough, harpoon it in the chest. It’ll submerge at the last second, even though it’s already charging towards you (why it doesn’t swallow the boat whole is beyond me).

Repeat until it dies or retreats. Keep your hands on the controller(s)/keyboards! Since Leon’s leg will get caught in the rope, you must mash the action button as quickly as possible to cut the rope, or else Leon will be dragged into the lake by Del Lago’s body and drown. Once it’s done, Leon will finally wash ashore and end the chapter.

The Top Ten scariest Boss Fights In Resident Evil

Tyrant- Mr. X (Resident Evil 2):


T-00 was a Tyrant sent into Raccoon City during the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident. T-00 was one of six T-103 series airlifted into the city with orders to recover a G-Virus sample from Sherry Birkin’s pendant and destroy any remaining officers and civilians contained in the Raccoon Police Department.

There it launched a search for Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who were attempting to escort Sherry to safety.

It is unclear if he was disfigured by fire or molten metal but these extensive injuries triggered the de-activation of its Power Limiter, allowing it to mutate into its Super Tyrant form T-00 battled RPD officer Leon S. Kennedy but was killed when a rocket from an M202 Flash was fired at it.

How to Defeat Tyrant

Mr. X can’t be beaten as he is too strong so evasion and escape are the name of the game here.

Once you have evaded him once he will keep showing up at random times so you will have to be on your toes, he has been known to burst through walls and appear when you least expect it.

There are however escapable scenarios whenever you encounter him so just keep a good lookout and stay on your toes and you should survive this terrifying boss.

The Top Ten scariest Boss Fights In Resident Evil

Well, there you have it these are the most creepy, tough to beat, and let’s face it nightmare-inducing bosses of the Resident Evil franchise. Whether you choose to fight or run like hell these are the times in the game where your heart starts racing and the adrenaline starts pumping.

But what would any of the Resident Evil games be without the fear of which hair-raising boss we will encounter?

Don’t forget that the new installment of our favourite horror game Resident Evil The Village is coming out on the 7th of May 2021. Leaving us to wonder what ridiculously scary boss we will encounter next.