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The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf To Be Animated


Witcher showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich, writer Beau DeMayo, and Studio Mir are all on board for the new project “The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf” which will be an animation Prequel to the live-action series The Witcher, which is still currently filming.

Beau DeMayo has said in an interview with

“I think from just… In terms of what the Witcher world is capable of, It is a massive canvas, and I actually started out my career working as an assistant and executive at Disney in animation, and it was there where I first got my job in the industry, So I was aware when Lauren came and asked me to write it, what we could do in animation that you cannot do in live-action. There is not necessarily always parity between those two mediums. There are things that you can animate in an animated form that will look so amazing, so badass, that if you did it in action, in live-action, it’ just going to look goofy or it’s just going to register as a little false to the human eye.There’s a grace and an art form to animation, and especially anime, that allows a different flavor”.

The story follows Vesemir, Geralt’s mentor which will be a nice introduction to those of you who are unfamiliar with this character as he is set to feature in the upcoming season 2 of The Witcher series currently on Netflix.

The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf will be aired sometime this year with no definitive date as of yet.