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There Are A Limited Number Of Spots Available For YouTube Premium Members To Test New Conversational AI


Following iOS, Android now has higher video bitrates

What you should know:

  • YouTube is launching “early access” testing for Premium members to experiment with conversational AI.
  • The AI introduces two new tests: AI-powered comment summaries and a new “Ask” option for video-specific questions, suggestions, and more.
  • The platform also brings to Android a higher enhanced 1080p HD bitrate, more Premium benefits, and new badges.

Today, YouTube Premium users get a few new toys to play with as features arrive in an experimental capacity.

According to a YouTube blog post, the company has begun testing new Premium features, such as the platform’s new conversational AI. From a new “Ask” button beneath “select videos,” the AI can answer user questions, suggest related content, and more. Ideally, questions should revolve around the video you’re watching, and users will find a few pre-made prompts if they’re stuck for ideas.

There Are A Limited Number Of Spots Available For YouTube Premium Members To Test New Conversational AI

The second AI test involves summaries. YouTube claims that the AI can condense large comment sections from longer videos into bite-sized organized topics for such users to go into.

According to YouTube Premium’s experimental page, the AI-powered “Ask” feature in the Android app will only be available to users 18 years or older. This test, which begins today, will also run until December 15, and there are only a limited number of spots available, so sign up soon. The AI’s summaries are available to Android and iOS users, and the test period ends on December 5, though you can only test one new feature at a time.

Meanwhile, YouTube is expanding its video quality and convenience coverage. According to the post, the service’s improved 1080p HD bitrate quality is now available to Premium members on Android, the Web, and smart TVs, following its debut on iOS devices. If your connection is capable, this improved viewing quality should be activated automatically. If not, users can find it by going to Settings > Quality in a video.

YouTube introduced its new “continue-watching” function to Android and iOS in April, allowing users to return to the exact point in a video where they left it. The company is now expanding the use of this feature to tablets and smart TVs, allowing users to start watching a video on their phone and continue watching it on those new devices. Continue-watching is also supported on mobile devices and laptops.

Following iOS, Android now has higher video bitrates

YouTube Premium now comes with additional perks, as the company has included some new items in its list of benefits. Claimable items for premium users include an in-game loot bundle for Genshin Impact, a three-month trial of Discord Nitro, a three-month trial of a Walmart Plus membership, a four-month trial of Calm Premium, and a three-month trial of PC Game Pass.

To round things out, YouTube Premium users can now display their status with “Premium Badges.” These badges are linked to various achievements that users can achieve on the platform (available to those aged 18 and up). The trophy section, which is also found on the benefits page, will draw attention to how much music you’ve listened to and other details.