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Top 5: Most Difficult Resident Evil Puzzles


These are the most difficult, challenging, and sometimes frustrating puzzles featured in the Resident Evil franchise

The Puzzles in the Resident Evil franchise are always fun, but there are those that are more challenging to complete and if you are like me I prefer a puzzle that isn’t too easy to figure out but still has that element of fun going for it.

We have come up with a list of the top 5 puzzles across the franchise that boggled our brains but were fun to figure out at the same time.

These are ranked from easiest to the toughest puzzle in the game.

5. Animal Statue Puzzle (Resident Evil 0):

In this puzzle, the player has to light respective candles for each animal statue. Ranging from the weakest to the strongest. The problem is that the sequence isn’t as logical as you might think. The progression isn’t obvious at all with a snake and eagle being at the top of the list, which makes this such a difficult and challenging puzzle but still fun to do.

Top 5: Most Difficult Resident Evil Puzzles

4. Slider Puzzle (Resident Evil 4):

You will come across this puzzle when you are playing as Ashley and it can be very taxing if you don’t know what you are doing. If you imagine the puzzle as a 3×3 grid, you’ll move 4,7,9,3,1,7,9 in numerical order from left to right. There’s still space for one more piece after that. Complete the puzzle by adding the stone tablet you found earlier.

Top 5: Most Difficult Resident Evil Puzzles

3. Knight Puzzle (Resident Evil Remake):

Resident Evil Remake took some of the puzzle elements and remixed them to change them up. The Knight puzzle is no exception and it made this puzzle even more difficult than before.

In this puzzle, there are four knights and each one has a different weapon symbol. Pushing these statues requires doing it in the right order. You get no clues here except the weapon designations.

This puzzle is challenging because one wrong move will make the knights move right back to their original places meaning you have to start all over again which can be frustrating.

Top 5: Most Difficult Resident Evil Puzzles

2. Fuel Guage Puzzle (RE: CVX):

A particularly confusing puzzle appears near the end of Resident Evil: Code Veronica. After the player is told that the machine’s automatic option is disabled, the player must manually apply the correct pressure to the bridge.

Top 5: Most Difficult Resident Evil Puzzles

1.Water Sample Puzzle (Resident Evil 3):

This puzzle is widely known as the most difficult puzzle in terms of being frustrating and annoying. If you ask any fan of the franchise they will mention this puzzle as the most annoying in the series.

Not only is the solution variable, but the goal of the puzzle isn’t specified at all. Instead, the player is forced to guess that the top row of blocks on the sample indicator should be matched. There are four possible solutions that you can choose from:

Solution 1 – A: 4 right B: 2 left: C: 2 left.

Solution 2: – A: 1 right B: 1 right C: 2 left.

Solution 3 -A: 1 left B: 2 left C: 2 right.

Solution 4 – A: 1 right B: 3 right C: 1 left.

Top 5: Most Difficult Resident Evil Puzzles

These are just our picks for the most difficult puzzles in the series, you might have different puzzles in mind when you think of the difficulty of the puzzles in the franchise. There are so many but these challenged and annoyed us to the point of needing a mention.