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Undertale Coming To Xbox Game Pass


Undertale was initially launched in 2015 and after five years of waiting, Xbox gamers finally get their chance to enjoy this iconic game.

The game is described as “The RPG game where you don’t have to destroy anyone.”

In this RPG, you control a human who falls underground into the world of monsters. Now you must find your way out… or stay trapped forever. They also mention that killing is unnecessary and you can negotiate your way out of danger with the unique battle system. When you encounter an enemy you can choose to fight or to show mercy and your choice will impact the outcome of the story.

Undertale Coming To Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox version of Undertale will come with its own exclusive content as do the PC, PS and Nintendo Switch versions and as such you won’t be able to transfer your saves from PC to Xbox or vice-versa.

The various versions of Undertale are mostly the same with some minor differences such as, “the dog shrine”. In the PS version, the Dog Shrine is where you can unlock many of the game’s trophies, while the Nintendo version of the Dog Shrine is where you encounter an exclusive boss fight with Mad Mew Mew. The trailer suggests that the Xbox version will have its own Dog Shrine.

Xbox says on their website “We know it’s been a long time coming, but we’re extremely excited to finally be bringing Undertale to Xbox players the world over. Whether it’s your first time exploring the underworld or your 50th, we hope the experience will be unforgettable!”

Undertale Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Undertale will be available from the 16th of March with Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S and you can purchase the game from the Microsoft Store for Xbox for $14.99.

Some aspects of the game that people loved the most are its thematic material, intuitive combat system, musical score, originality, story, dialogue, and characters. The game even sold over one million copies and has been nominated for many accolades and awards.

Undertale is a well-loved RPG and if you haven’t played it yet you should check it out today as the reviews are great and are even classed on the Steam Store as “overwhelmingly positive.”