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Versus Mode In Vermintide 2 Open Alpha Now Offering Genuine Competition

Vermintide 2's Versus mode is real, currently in open alpha

Now, you can experience asymmetric PVP with a twist of L4D-style gameplay, featuring rats as your adversaries

After its initial announcement in 2019, Vermintide 2’s Versus mode fell into obscurity, leaving fans disappointed. However, after four years of anticipation and complaints about its absence, developers Fatshark confirmed its continued development last year, announcing a closed alpha test. Now, following the completion of the closed alpha, an open alpha phase is available directly from the Vermintide 2 main menu.

In a developer blog discussing the closed alpha results, design director Joakim Setterberg noted its success, with stable servers and minimal issues. Over 3,600 players participated, engaging in PvP matches on the Screaming Bell map, with 7% ending in draws and matches lasting 20-30 minutes. Notably, the Heroes performed better than the Pactsworn, prompting rebalancing efforts. Players may already notice adjustments in the current alpha, with hookrats proving particularly formidable adversaries.

Vermintide 2 features some awesome new weapons.

The ongoing map under testing is Righteous Stand, where players engage in battles across multiple rounds. Each side can have up to four players, taking turns playing as either Heroes or Pactsworn specials in each round. A scoreboard at the end of the match reveals the overall winner among the teams.

The current testing phase will continue until March 18. For those uninterested in PvP, an anniversary event celebrating six years is also ongoing, offering double XP and bringing back the pub crawl map, A Quiet Drink. Accessible through the Weekly Event tab in matchmaking, completing this map during the event grants a new anniversary portrait frame for your avatar.