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Virtua Fighter 2


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Fight your way to the top in this Retro Fighting game.

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A Little About The Game:

“Virtua Fighter 2 hinges around a fighting tournament, where the greatest fighters in the world seek to compete for fame and glory.

However, the tournament is organized by the sinister “J6” syndicate, who intend to use the information gathered to perfect their fighting cyborg “Dural” (the game’s boss, who uses a move-set made up of other character’s moves).

Players select a character and attempt to use that character to overcome a series of opponents. This can be done by simply knocking the other character out (by dealing enough damage), or by knocking them out of the square “ring” in which the fights take place.

Each fight takes place over a number of rounds; typically 3 rounds in a best-of-3 approach (though this can be varied). The game is played with an eight-way stick to control character movement, and three buttons (guard, punch, and kick), which are used in various motions to pull off a character’s signature attacks.”

You can claim Virtua Fighter 2 (Steam) for free until the 25th of January when this offer expires, go get your copy now.

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1. Login or create your free Games2gether account.

2. Go to the reward page and link your Steam account.

3. Go back to the reward page and click the button to redeem your game.


  • Select your character with their own unique fighting style and overcome a series of opponents.
  • Guard, punch and kick your way through your competitors.
  • Virtua Fighter 2 ┬ácomes with the addition of counter-attacks and the ability to prevent throws (with very quick reactions required on part of the player).