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We Are MGR Gaming


It is done…

Last weekend this time around, we were still neck deep in cyber space updating and improving our MGR Gaming website.

The upgrades were finished that Sunday and the make over was done. However, we have spent the better part of the following week and this weekend implementing a series of small changes and fixes. Let’s face it, with new features and improvements come new bugs…

We have a handle on most of them, however, we do apologize if any have slipped by us.

A lot of changes are present on the website. For those that have yet to witness it, we urge you to do just that! It is as different as the day is from the night!

Besides a makeover we have rolled out some other features and extras.

Full List of Changes:

  • New Front End UI.
  • Mobile Responsive.
  • Backend Optimisations to increase Website Speed.
  • New and Improved Tag System that makes it easier and more efficient for writers to tag content, and it also enhances searching of content for readers.
  • A Dedicated Giveaways Menu, to celebrate and help market MGR Gaming, we will be running Giveaways every month for the next year at least!
  • Simplified Website Flow.
  • Added a new Membership system.
  • Upgraded the Memberships section with additional features.
  • Added a Shop feature (Beta).
  • Upgraded and Improved Landing/Home Page.
  • A Variety of smaller QOL implementations
  • Numerous smaller fixes and updates.

Not too much but quite a potent update nonetheless.

At MGR Gaming we will always strive to offer you the most comfortable atmosphere while brining you all the Gaming and Tech related content that we can offer.

Stay tuned for a great many more things to come.