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Will Jak And Daxter Be Returning For PS5?


It may be hear-say at the moment, but it looks like our green-haired friend and his smart-mouthed sidekick will be returning for PS5!

Speculation of this return, however, can’t be taken too seriously as it seems that first word of this was sourced from 4Chan, and so appears to have come out of nowhere, seeing as there is talk of other Bluepoint being released as launch games for PS5. More news on this hopefully will be aired during the ongoing Summer Game Fest by Geoff Keighley.

Will Jak and Daxter be returning for PS5?
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Should it be true, we could expect the Jak and Daxter trilogy to include dialogue threads which will tie the games together “more cohesively”, that is if there is no completely new story to look forward to. The duo has been off the radar for quite some time now; only having been remastered for PS3 in 2012, and later for PS4.

As a huge fan of this franchise, catching wind of this rumour did give a stir of excitement. Its smooth game-play, general bad-assery and witty dialogue quickly made this a favourite.

Will Jak and Daxter be returning for PS5?