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Witcher Tosses A Coin To His Crew


Henry Cavill has given out commemorative coins to people who “helped bring The Witcher to life”.

Steve Wall who plays Boholt, leader of the Crinfrid Reavers in the show shared an image of a lovely “talisman from The Witcher himself” which was sent by post saying “Aw shucks… thanks Henry, great to work with you too”,

On the personally-signed card that came with the token read the words:

“A gift to commemorate your hard work, a personal thank you from me to you, and a Talisman to remember that you were part of the origin of this incredible journey. Be proud of everything you did to help bring The Witcher to life, it shows and it will be remembered. Sincerely, Henry Cavill”

The talisman isn’t a coin but a silver colored token set in glass replicating the shows emblem of a wolf’s head.

This seems to be a trademark of Henry Cavill as he has made commemorative “challenge coins” to people in the past who he has worked with.

What a lovely “Token” (excuse the pun) of his appreciation.