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WWE 2K22 Announced


WWE 2K22 was announced at the Wrestlemania event along with a teaser trailer and it is said to be a lot better than WWE 2K20.

The new game was announced during the 1st night of the Wrestlemania 37 event with a teaser trailer that showcases gameplay featuring Cesaro and Rey Mysterio.

The developer will be 2K Sports and it will be published by Visual Concepts. This will be the first returning game in the WWE 2K series after WWE 2K20.

The WWE 2K series had taken a year long break due to the disastrous reception of WWE 2K20, which contained a great many game breaking bugs, and this after the departure of the previous developer “Yuke’s”.

Confidence fans had in the franchise was seriously shaken by the disaster of WWE 2K20 meaning that expectations will be high for the upcoming WWE 2K22.

Executive Producer of the next WWE 2K game, Patrick Gilmore, revealed that they will take inspiration from other wrestling games such as WWF No Mercy and Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain.

WWE 2K22 Announced

He also revealed that “GM mode”, might make a comeback and said that they don’t want to release a carbon copy of the previous GM modes, but if the mode had something new to offer fans that they would consider a return.

Also under consideration is the addition of new match types to the game as this has been a request from fans recently.

It is said that the controls will be drastically changed as the previous controls were confusing to some players and that the new controls will be more centered around player strategy depending on which match type they are in.

They mentioned that they will be looking at fixing the “hair rendering issues” as this was a big complaint from many players. The graphics will also get an overhaul making the superstars look “better than ever” apparently.

WWE 2K22 Announced

2k has said that they will also be adding “live service updates” to keep fans up to date and mentioned in a tweet that they will be exploring OVR updates for the game going forward.

The commentary has always been infamously bad in the WWE2K games and they say they will be adding a more “organic representation” to the next installment of the franchise. The crowd will also get a makeover to give a more authentic response from the crowd.

They have also said that they can’t guarantee a release on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

All these changes sound very promising for fans of the franchise and those that wish to have just that little bit extra to make this game something to return to over and over again.

There is no set release date yet but it is said that they expect the game to be released sometime this year.

Official  Game Teaser Trailer: